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Real-time connectivity allows you to pull the data you need when you need it, not on your banksโ€™ schedule


Developer friendly UI

Our developer's platform is clean and simple. Options are clear and to the point: just create your key and use the documentation.

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Numerous Bank Services

We took the time to hook up to the various bank APIs available (starting in Kenya) to provide you with a single plug-in interface through which you can connect with your bank of choice, consume their services and focus on your project.

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Clean Docs

Our documentation is precise with lots of example request payloads to help you visualize the results you want. It is kept up-to-date with the features provided so that you are always working with the latest.

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With a free account, you can:

  • Integrate Churpy APIs into your apps and start connecting to banks today to receive statements, payment notifications and balances.

  • Integrate Churpy ERP plugins, automatically enabling you to start reconciling your outstanding receivables.

  • Integrate Churpy payment APIs, empowering you to start collecting receivables through bank account channel.

Churpy Inc.

ABC Place 10th Floor,
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Nairobi, Kenya @ChurpyInc @churpy

Churpy is a fintech offering an integrated receivables management product. We support account reconciliation (for multiple ERPs), connectivity with multiple Bank APIs and an invoice payment marketplace (Direct debits, Card, MoMo and Bank rails).

Our offices are located at ABC Place, Westlands

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