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Your right to privacy and security is very important to us. Churpy Inc. treats personal information obtained through the use of this website, electronic device and/or mobile solution/application or agent as private and confidential and are committed to providing you with the utmost secure access.

This Policy relates to the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information by Churpy Inc..

Personal information

Personal Information is information relating to an individual/ company/ entity/ group and comprises all the details Churpy Inc. holds or collects about you, directly or indirectly, your transactions, financial information, interactions and dealings with Churpy Inc., including information received from third parties and information collected through use of our website and our electronic banking services.

a.) Purposes for use of your personal Information

Churpy Inc. is determined to meet all your needs and therefore may use and collect personal and/or information to meet our obligations. We have highlighted below some of the many uses of the collected information:

  • • Statistical analysis;
  • • Operational purposes;
  • • Conducting market research and surveys;
  • • Assessing aptness for products and services;
  • • Management of banking relationships;
  • • Compliance with both local or foreign law, agreements between any user of the Churpy Inc. products and any authority, regulator, or enforcement agency policies (including Churpy Inc. internal policies), good practice, government sanctions, reporting requirements under legislation, and demands or requests of any authority, regulator, tribunal, enforcement agency, or exchange body;
  • • Seeking professional advice, including, in connection with any and or prospective legal proceedings, for obtaining legal advice, or for establishing, exercising or defending Legal rights;
  • • Enable provision of products and services;
  • • Credit assessment;
  • • Prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of crime in any jurisdiction, identity verification, government sanctioned screening and due diligence checks.

You acknowledge that the above information is by no means exhaustive and shall include any other reason Churpy Inc. in its discretion may reasonably deem necessary.

We may disclose information to any member of Churpy Inc., including our officers, employees, agents and advisers, and any of the following parties for any of the purposes stated above. The persons eligible to receive the information are:

  • • Any member of Churpy Inc. anywhere in the world;
  • • Any person to whom disclosure is allowed or required by local or foreign law, regulation or any other applicable instrument;
  • • Professional advisers (including auditors), third party service providers, agents or independent contractors providing services to support Churpy Inc.' business;
  • • Any court, tribunal, regulator, enforcement agency, exchange body, tax authority, or any other authority or their agents;
  • • Any debt collection agency, credit bureau, insurer or insurance broker, direct or indirect provider of credit protection and fraud prevention agencies.

b.) Disclosure

Churpy Inc. will not disclose personal information to anyone outside Churpy Inc. without your prior consent unless:

  • • compelled by law;
  • • it is in the public interest to do so;
  • • it is necessary to protect our rights.

c.) Security and liability

Churpy Inc. has set up technical and organizational security measures to safeguard your personal information. When using external service providers, we require that they adhere to the same security standards as Churpy Inc..

Personal Information may be transferred to, or stored at, a location outside of your country of residence but regardless of the location, we shall take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that personal information is safe and secure.

You acknowledge herewith that the Internet is an insecure form of communication and carries with it risks including the risk of access and interference by unauthorized third parties. We do not therefore accept responsibility or liability for the confidentiality, security or integrity of your Personal Information in connection with its transmission over the Internet.

d.) Other Terms and Conditions

Due to some specific terms and conditions in some of our product agreements that govern the collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information, such terms shall be construed in conjunction with this Privacy Policy.

e.) Retention

We retain your Personal Information for legal, regulatory, business and operational purposes.

f.) Monitoring

With due regard to any Laws, we may record and monitor your electronic communications with us to ensure compliance with our Legal and regulatory obligations and internal policies for the purposes outlined above.

g.) Right of Access

Subject to applicable Law, regulations and/or industry guidelines, you have the right to access the Personal Information processed in relation to you expeditiously and at a reasonable cost.

h.) Changes to this policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time and shall be reviewed regularly. We reserve the right to amend this privacy and security statement at any time. You are advised to consult this Privacy Policy regularly for any changes.

All amendments or updated final versions will be posted on the website. Unless otherwise stated, the current version shall supersede and replace all previous versions of this privacy and security statement policy.

i.) Cookies

On some parts of our website we use so-called "cookie" technology. Cookie technology consists of small pieces of information or a small text file which is given to your browser by our webserver when you visit our website. This information is stored on your browser. The cookie is sent back to our webserver each time you visit our website. Cookies are not computer programs and do not run on a computer like programs do. They cannot gather information or function on their own. They cannot collect any personal information about you or your machine and cannot gather information or information about what you do on the Internet. Cookies merely enable us to provide a more valuable online experience to you.

While you can set up your Internet browser to disable cookie technology, we do not recommend you do this since some parts of this website and our online services may not function properly, or at all.

j.) Linked Websites

Our Policy does not apply to third-party websites where our online advertisements are displayed or to linked third-party websites not under our control.

k.) Communications

We may use your personal or other information to send you communication on new services or products that may be of interest to you and from time to time, mail, email or SMS information to you about us, our products and any other relevant information.

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