Churpy Reconciliation

Bring in the cutting-edge accuracy, efficiency and speed to your financial operations.


User Centric Design

Our reconciliation platform has been built with usability in mind. The process is straight forward and intuitive to ensure your productivity is spiked!

AI Powered Rules Engine

Behind the scenes is a masterpiece of ingenuity created to intelligently match your invoice batch against transaction records keeping all parameters in mind. Just focus on what's important...

Real-time Analytics

Churpy Reconciliation organizes your data in a way that makes it easy to understand exactly how much is reconciled or not and what slice it represents in the overall stack.

Customizable Modules

We give you the chance to customize how your rules should run, what parameters to check for while registering taxes, user access control and more...

High capacity invoice load

Our servers are built on top of first-class services to accommodate large volumes of data while implementing a robust multi-tenancy architecture not to mention security is at the core.

ERP Integrations

Churpy Reconciliation comes integrated to the major ERPs such as SAP ECC, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle E-Business Suite, Quickbooks, Sage, Freshbooks and more

A robust Rules Engine

You can configure how reconciliation for your invoices will be done by adjusting fields and values as required . This affords you flexibility as well as scalability in the matching process and hence a high success score. All the while our Machine Learning mechanisms register your moves so that you don't have to do it forever.

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Bird's Eye view

We have multiple clean analytical views that help you visualise match-trends, receivables, and other metrics on the fly. At a glance you will know exactly what to track, who to call and when...

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With a free account, you can:

  • Integrate Churpy APIs into your apps and start connecting to banks today to receive statements, payment notifications and balances.

  • Integrate Churpy ERP plugins, automatically enabling you to start reconciling your outstanding receivables.

  • Integrate Churpy payment APIs, empowering you to start collecting receivables through bank account channel.

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Churpy is a fintech offering an integrated receivables management product. We support account reconciliation (for multiple ERPs), connectivity with multiple Bank APIs and an invoice payment marketplace (Direct debits, Card, MoMo and Bank rails).

Our offices are located at ABC Place, Westlands

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